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DESCRIPTION: Tapestry is a decorative, durable fabric, closely woven on a Jacquard loom. Multicolored yarns are used to form the patterns, usually floral or figured, simulating tapestries. Upholstery tapestry fabrics are usually made with two or three warps and fillings, with the top warp forming the design. The surface is much rougher than damask or brocade. It is generally made of cotton, but acetate, linen, nylon, polyester and rayon are also used.

CLEANING CHARACTERISTICS: DRY CLEAN or WET CLEAN WITH CAUTION. Tapestry can be wet or dry cleaned. It should be tested first for colorfastness and shrinkage, depending on the fiber content. Tapestry fabrics, due to their many 'colors and ornate designs, are especially prone to dye bleeding, so pretesting is a must. Dry clean if dyes are suspect or uncertain. Old fabrics or ornate satin-weave designs are best cleaned through a protective screen. Some cleaners use the DRY-WET-DRY method.